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From One Child



From One Child to Another® exists to change the next generation by inspiring and equipping children to use their passions to make a difference in their community and around the world for the glory and renown of Jesus Christ.


4 young sisters developed a heart for the children of Uganda and believed with God’s help, they could do anything. Their childlike faith has inspired kids across the nation to step out in faith to serve others and share the Gospel of Jesus. 


Simply put, From One Child to Another® helps inspire and equip kids to use their passions and talents for the glory of God. The Leininger sisters have done various projects with the goal of raising funds to improve the lives of children in Uganda and around the world by drilling water wells, building a children's home, schools and churches. As they have seen great need in different countries around the world, they have responded in faith to do something! 


From One Child to Another® began in 2010 by eight-year-old, Natasha Leininger.  Natasha was learning about orphans in Africa and was deeply challenged by reading Austin Gutwein’s book, Take Your Best Shot, when she felt God calling her to do something to help.


Deeply moved by the great need, Natasha combined her passion for reading with her desire to serve children and share the love of Jesus by hosting a Read-a-thon in her community. The proceeds would go toward building a school in Uganda. She began speaking at churches, schools, service organizations, and anyone else who would listen. Natasha met her goal of raising $25,000 and partnered with Uganda Tree of Life Ministries to complete the construction of the school. A couple months later, she traveled to Uganda for the dedication of the school where she met the children and orphans who would soon benefit from a good education. Natasha’s heart broke as she saw poverty first hand and so many children still in need. She knew her work in Uganda wasn’t finished and that her goal the following year would need to be much larger. She believed God was asking her to do something even bigger than she could have imagined– to build a children’s home!


Natasha’s efforts encouraged other children to join the race to make a difference in their communities and in Uganda. Her younger sister, Kendall, and best friend, Faith, wanted to make a difference too! Faith hosted a dog walk to raise money to build a water well in Uganda. Kendall joined Natasha’s efforts to build a children’s home by doing a Both Hands Project and raising and selling farm animals. The first year Kendall raised enough money for a large chicken coop and 300 chickens in Uganda. In 2012, Natasha and Kendall traveled to Uganda for 3 weeks to see the new chicken coop and the location of the children’s village. Natasha continues to work with Grace Children’s Village and Uganda Tree of Life Ministries while Kendall continues her project of buying milking goats and cows. 

The youngest sisters, Ashlyn and Ellie also joined in these efforts in their own way to make a difference!  Ashlyn, desires to provide clean drinking water for families and communities. She created and sold boxed greeting cards to raise money for the project and continues to sell the cards in order to provide resources to disciple the Ugandan tribal people. In January 2015, Ashlyn and Kendall traveled to Uganda to watch the team drill a water well.  Ellie, the youngest sister, is currently working on raising money to build a church in Nepal.


The sister's message began to spread amongst schools, churches, Universities, organizations and foundations. Realizing that not everyone is passionate for Uganda, their message started changing from helping children in Uganda to stepping out in faith to make a difference in another person’s life no matter the location.


As children have stepped out in faith to use the gifts and talents God has given them, we’ve seen boys and girls help multiple countries, local foundations and organizations, local children’s homes and learn the importance of helping their friends in need.

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