1. Be on the lookout for people who might be alone on the playground or left out in a group setting at school. Don’t be afraid to invite them over to join you.

2. Stand up for others when someone is talking negatively about them. It is important for your friends to know that is not acceptable. It might be hard at first but your friends will respect you knowing that you will stand up for them as well.

3. Smile. I know this sounds very simple but many people just need someone to smile at them and say hi. Someone might be just looking for a friendly face.

4. Sit with someone new at lunch. Make a new friend, someone who might not have a friend.

5. Keep homeless bags in your car. Items might include; Kleenex, toothbrush, hand wipes, granola bars, a small Bible, etc… Make sure you let them know that God loves them and so do you. Smile while handing them the bag.

6. Visit a local nursing home. Many elderly people don’t receive many visitors and become very lonely. Contact a local nursing home and ask when would be a good time to go and visit someone who might not receive many visitors. Then, adopt that person as an extra grandparent.

7. Get involved in a local food bank. We have a Christian one in our area called Daily Bread Ministries. They not only help people who are hungry but also feed them spiritually.

8. Help out a family going through a hard time. Hard times happens for most of us and it is wonderful when people in the community step up to help by bringing meals, sending an email with a prayer, calling to let them know you are

thinking and praying for them, visit and bring food in the hospital or where they are, and just be a friend.

9. Help out in a Sunday school classroom.

10. Give your chore money to a group doing something great to help others.


Ellie dreams of a day when people in Nepal can worship God freely in a church. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of this mission to build a church in Nepal?

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